To keep safe and get the most out of your products, please read carefully!

Candle Care

Tunnel Prevention: When burning a candle you should ensure that you are burning it long enough to melt the wax in a pool right to the edge of the container. Failing to do this will result in a tunnel effect as the candle will only melt to the previous pool diameter. You should burn for a minimum of 2 hours for our candle tins and 3 hours for our luxury 3-wick candles, especially for the first burn.

Wick Trimming: If the cotton wick becomes too long it will begin to emit soot and black smoke. A long wick also produces a large flame which can overheat the container and become a fire risk. The candle wick should be trimmed when cool to 5mm before each use. Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time to prevent this happening.

Wax Anchoring: It is important to leave a layer of solid wax at the bottom of your candle to keep your wick secure. Not doing so is a fire risk and can cause the container to overheat. if the wax is showing signs of melting to the bottom of the container you must extinguish immediately.

Candle Placement: Keep candles out of reach of children and animals and away from draughty areas. There should be at least a 1 metre gap between your candle and anything above it. Keep away from flammables. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Do not touch candle container whilst hot and place on a heat resistant surface. For more safety information check the base of your candle.

Reed Diffusers

Carefully pour the fragrance oil into the display bottle and place three of the fibre reeds into your display bottle. It will take a few days for the reeds to absorb the oil and carry the scent into the air. Room size and temperature will affect scent throw. ensure refill bottles are poured into a clean display bottle. 
For best results, we recommend flipping the reeds occasionally. replace the old reeds with the replacement reeds when you notice the scent throw decreasing.
Wash hands after handling. For more safety information check your fragrance oil bottle.

Wax Melts

Place one wax melt into the well of your burner and light one tea light underneath. Carefully remove the wax when you notice the scent throw decreasing and replace with another wax melt star.
Be sure to keep foreign objects out of the wax pool. Never leave the burner on or near anything flammable. Keep away from draughts, children and animals. Do not leave unattended whilst burning or burn for too long. Do not move Whilst wax is hot or the tea light is lit.  Wash hands after handling. For more safety information check your wax melt packaging.